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Holy Nipples Batman!

Yes, I did it, I took the plunge and got my nipples pierced (no I will not be posting photos, soz guies)

I thought I would include some information on my experience here with some useful information.


You want to ensure that you have researched where you are planning on going, I went to the same place I have got a few of my piercings done (link below). Don’t feel shy, they have probably seen everything under the sun, like a doctor, this is their job. I had mine done by a male, I had the choice of a female but I went with the person who had the most experience.


Ensure you have eaten, just with any piercing, I didn’t use anything to numb the area but if you want to, go nuts. They will prep you by cleaning the area and then proceed to mark the spots, get you to have a look at them and they will move on to piercing.


Initially they will use a clamp, ask you to breathe and pierce you, this is followed by jewelry application. It is quick, easy and over in seconds.


You will have a look at the finished product and they will go over care instructions with you, then, you’re right to dress and be on your way.


I am not going to lie, it didn’t tickle, but, it wasn’t the most painful experience of my life, I honestly think my nose was worse. It hurt a fair bit afterwards but a couple ibuprofen helped teamed with a padded bra. Wearing a more padded bra during the healing process will take the edge off a little.


Aftercare spray or sea salt soaks twice a day. No rubbing or being rough, this can cause irritation or infection.

Over all:                                                                                                    

I love them and would definitely do it again, it has made me love my boobs so much more. Any more questions, feel free to ask!





I did this.

I did this.

Have I ever told you that I love you? Well, I love you and you are beautiful. Not only on the inside, but the outside ❤️

And just to think, on Sunday I will be 22. I suddenly feel depressed -.-

Anonymous asked: I see you like Black Milk clothing! How many outfits do you have from them?

I love them I probably have over 20 pieces at the moment, slowly building my collection :)

Tape Extensions Pros and Cons

Watch This!

I had my first taste of Dark Heresy on Sunday. I must say I really enjoyed it!